UK2’s specialty is helping paper-based services and brick-and-mortar businesses expand and grow into thriving online ventures.

Over the past two decades, London-based UK2 has helped customers register over 1 million domain names and power thousands of sites for businesses located around the world.

In addition to providing web hosting and related services, UK2 emphasizes the concept of corporate social responsibility. The company is currently involved in fundraising campaigns supporting green energy, children’s hospitals, and STEM educational opportunities for needy children.

How UK2 Works

Working with UK2 follows a pretty standard formula.

First, you pick a domain name and register it. In addition to offering domains with the usual .com and, UK2 offers geographic and industry-specific options.

Next, you’ll need to choose your web hosting solution and add on a website building tool to create your site.

If you’ve got questions at any point during this process, you can contact the UK2 support team 24/7 via telephone or live chat.

Hosting Packages

UK2 offers a variety of hosting packages. To help you choose the one that best fits your needs, there’s a product selection tool. By providing information about the type of user you are, as well as what you want to do with your site, UK2 will suggest the options that are most appropriate.

Basic Packages

If you’re looking for the most inexpensive hosting package, UK2 offers budget hosting packages that include hosting for one site, 500 MB of storage space, a cap of 1 GB on your monthly traffic, and a file management tool.

The next step up are the shared hosting packages that offer more resources. All come with unmetered bandwidth and storage space, unlimited emails, and a free domain. The primary differences between the packages are the number of sites you can host, the number of MySQL databases you can have, and whether you get a free SSL certificate and dedicated IP address or not.

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WordPress Hosting

UK2’s WordPress hosting packages are housed in dedicated environments designed and optimized strictly for that CMS. In addition to the basic hosting features you need to keep your site online (such as SSD disk space, email inboxes, FTP access, backup services, and security) you’ll get access to premium WordPress templates and plugins and use of CloudFlare CDN, which means that your content is distributed and served from a location closest to your visitor. This results in faster page speeds.

Premium Hosting

For those whose needs exceed what’s offered by the lower-tiered plans, UK2 offers Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and dedicated hosting.

When purchasing an SSD VPS hosting package, you can customize your allocation of resources. The site allows you to specify the amount of RAM, disk space, bandwidth, and CPU cores you want. As you change your allocation, the monthly price for that configuration automatically updates. You can also specify where you want your server housed: London, US West, US Central, US East, US South, Amsterdam, or Canada.

All VPS servers come with SSD drives, multiple templates so you can choose the operating system/configuration that best suits your needs, and a UK2-branded control panel so that you can monitor, reboot, backup, and make changes to your server in one place.

UK2 also offers cloud VPS hosting packages, which work just like the SSD VPS packages; the only difference is that your “slice” of the server is housed in the cloud, not UK2’s physical data center.

If your needs exceed what’s offered by the VPS hosting plans, you can opt for a dedicated hosting solution. You can choose from three different dedicated server options, each with a different CPU, number of cores, RAM, disk storage allocation, and bandwidth limit. The server is completely yours, and you can do whatever you want with it. UK2 is on hand just to give advice and assistance if needed. Generally speaking, you will need an in-depth knowledge of all things server administration, since these plans are considered to be unmanaged, but you can certainly choose a managed plan if you’d prefer to have UK2 handle the system administration.

Managed plans get you enhanced support, which gets you start-up assistance and priority response times from the UK2 support team. You can choose to upgrade to premium support, which means that UK2 will configure, monitor, update, and proactively manage your server for you.

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Purchasers of the budget, shared, and WordPress hosting packages can opt for Website SEO Guru and SiteLock add-ons during the checkout process.

Website SEO Guru gets your site submitted to search engines, improving your visibility to search engine crawlers. It also provides competition analyses and personalized marketing plans.

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UK2 offers the Website SEO Guru tool, which can automate your search engine rankings and competitor analyses. It can be used to achieve higher rankings, more traffic, and more customers.

Sitelock is a malware detector that protects your site against hackers and malware with automatic daily scans. Depending on the particular version of Sitelock you purchase, you may also get automatic malware removal and file change monitoring.

Other Services

In addition to its web hosting and domains-related offerings, UK2 offers the following products:

  • Website and Online Store Builders: UK2 offers three different website builder plans and three different online store builder plans. These are tools that enable you to build a site or a store on your own without any technical knowledge or design experience required. You pick a template and change its content, and when ready, the website builder will push the required files to your web host for public viewing.
  • Web Design: If you want to outsource the design of your website, you can purchase UK2’s web design services. You can choose packages that get you a three-page, five-page, or ten-page website. The website is not a template, but a custom design for your business.

Email: If all you need is an email address with a custom domain, UK2 offers two inexpensive options just for this purpose. Note that you do have to purchase a domain name, which is sold separately from the email packages.

Uptime and Downtime

Not all hosting packages come with a service level agreement (SLA) that outlines what UK2’s uptime goal is and how you’ll be compensated if UK2 doesn’t meet their end of the agreement. If your package includes an SLA and you experience downtime, you’ll be compensated as follows:

  • 99.9% to 100.00% server availability –> 05 credit
  • 99.9% to 98.00% server availability –> 10% credit
  • 97.99% to 97.00% server availability –> 25% credit
  • Less than 96.99% server availability –> 50% credit.

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Help and Technical Support

Uk2’s support team is available 24/7 via live chat, the ticketing system, or telephone. Those with dedicated servers can opt for premium level support, which will garner you quicker responses.

You can also refer to the extensive knowledgebase to see if your question(s) have been covered or not.

Pricing and Billing

UK2 frequently offers discounts off their hosting packages, so keep an eye out for these specials. They’re valid for the first year of service, after which you’ll be billed the regular rate for the plan you’ve chosen.

Budget, Shared, and WordPress hosting plans are billed on a monthly, annually, or bi-annually. If you opt for the latter two options, for which you’re required to pay upfront, you’ll get a discount off your total fees. All prices include VAT, so if you’re in an area where you aren’t required to pay VAT, be sure to remove the tax from your total when comparing prices.

VPS hosting solutions are billed monthly, and dedicated server fees are assessed monthly or annually (again, if you opt to pay upfront for an annual contract, you’ll receive a discount off your total fees).

Guarantees and Refunds

If you’re not completely satisfied, you can take advantage of the 30-day money back guarantee, less any setup fees, domain name registration fees, or fees due to overages. If your package included a free domain name, its cost will be subtracted from your refund, and you will continue to own the domain.

Add-ons, such as SEO Tools and Search Engine Submission, are excluded from the refund policy.

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Conclusion: Is UK2 Right for You?

UK2 is a solid web host provider designed to make the setup process as easy as possible for you. While it offers a wide array of products design to appeal to multiple segments of the market, the company focuses, in particular, on small businesses looking to make its leaps into the world of e-commerce. They are a one-stop shop, so you everything you need to get your business online can be done via UK2.

Getting the right web hosting for you can be hard. Experts help a lot, but their experience may hide issues that may come up for a beginner. That’s why we recommend that you check out our sister site where you can read dozens of reviews by actual customers just like you.