Ruby on Rails: An Introduction

Ruby on Rails: An Introduction Ruby on Rails is also known as Rails in short. It is an open source application framework for the programming language, Ruby. In other words, Ruby on Rails runs on Ruby. While Ruby has been in the market for more than ten years now, Ruby on Rails is a relatively […]

What Is Reseller Hosting?

What Is Reseller Hosting? Reseller hosting is the newest up and coming source of income online, it lacks much competition, and anyone can do it. When you’re looking at becoming your own boss, or just want to make extra money on the side, than becoming a reseller-hosting provider may just be the thing for you. […]

About PHP Hosting

About PHP Hosting What are your options when contemplating web hosting? Ever carefully considered what the best hosting plan is? It is important that every forward looking business finds the best hosting plan for its website. This is because businesses generally demand faster, dynamic, and efficient websites. PHP hosting is inarguably one of the best […]

Colocation Hosting Defined

Colocation Hosting Defined There are many web hosting services available in the market today. Among them is the colocation hosting service. The difference between this web hosting service and other standard services is the fact that users buy and install their server at the hosting service provider data centre or office. This means you are […]

Cold Fusion Hosting: An Introduction

Cold Fusion Hosting An Introduction ColdFusion hosting is all about databases, really. ColdFusion, a software suite brought to us by the fine folks at Macromedia, makers of Flash, allows web-interactivity with databases. Thanks to ColdFusion web hosting, you can now query, update, index, and chart databases from any web browser. This description, however, doesn’t begin […]

Intro to ASP Hosting: ASP Hosting Explained

Intro to ASP Hosting ASP Hosting Explained ASP, which stands for Active Server Pages, is a technology that uses what’s called "server-side scripting" to allow you to create imaginative, interactive web pages. HTML, unfortunately, does not provide you that same sort of certainty. When your browser requests any web page with the extension .asp at […]

Virtual Web Hosting – Real Benefits for Your Website

Virtual Web Hosting – Real Benefits for Your Website In these times of economic turmoil and rising business costs, cost cutting has become increasingly important. Today, smart personnel search for cost cutting opportunities for many business processes. Thanks to technological evolution, we are now able to use technology at ever decreasing prices. New options are […]

Domain Name Hosting

Domain Name Hosting Over two billion people around the globe use the World Wide Web each day. Indeed, we live in an age when going on the Internet is more frequent than going to the supermarket. Websites have become an important part of people’s lifestyles and the way industry conducts business. Can you believe that, […]

Business Web Hosting – Important Features

Business Web Hosting – Important Features Finding the right business hosting provider is a crucial milestone for any business. SMEs often make mistakes when choosing their business hosting service. There are certain important features that a quality business web hosting service ought to have. But finding the right service is not exactly an easy undertaking. […]

All About Linux Hosting

All About Linux Hosting Just as Windows, Linux is a very popular computer operating system. Its popularity is mainly due to its application model, which is of the free and open source kind. You can get, share, alter, and even re-distribute the software. Linux hosting is therefore very popular. This is particularly so due to […]